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Sunshine Poem of the Day


I CURTSEYED to the dovecote.
I curtseyed to the well.
I twirled me round and round about.
The morning sweets to smell.
When out I came from spinning so,
Lo, betwixt green and blue
Was the ghost of me a Fairy Child
A-dancing dancing, too.

Nought was of her wearing
That is the earth's array.
Her thistledown feet beat airy fleet,
Yet set no blade astray.
The gossamer shining dews of June
Showed grey against the green ;
Yet never so much as a bird-claw print
Of footfall to be seen.

Fading in the mounting sun,
That image soon did pine.
Fainter than moonlight thinned the locks
That shone as clear as mine.
Vanished 1 Vanished ! O, sad it is
To spin and spin in vain ;
And never to see the ghost of me
A-dancing there again.



Sun Fairies

Welcome to Sun Fairies.

Whenever the sun is out the sun fairies can be found. Some sun fairies appear as spring fairies, summer fairies, autumn fairies or even winter fairies.

The sun fairies are delicate creatures who like to dance in the fields and meadows. Some even like to skate on frozen puddles and lakes on those rare occasions when the sun shines in those cold winter months.

Find out about the different sun fairies here. You can also download sun fairy vector images, clipart or brushes from this site.

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